My dear sea
I have been treading your waters for some time
Pushed and pulled
Dizzy from your undercurrent
Spit me back to shore so I can catch my breath
But I will return to you time and time again

I float on my back
Clouds are too quick to pass me by
Head submerged in your holy water
I can hear you calling me

I can hear the whole world beneath me
Lift my body
Help me stay afloat
Such sweet relief it is to be held by you
 My Dear Sea.

I love love, I love birds, I love shooting on film, I love coffee, I love going to the movie theater, I love popcorn, I love sleeping, I love decorating, I love gloomy days, I love the Dodgers, I love keeping plants alive, I love rice, I love laughing, I love dancing, I love when flowers bloom and then fall apart, I love long hugs, I love a firm handshake, I love Hawaiian pizza, I love my dog Lou, I love Lambrusco, I love reading, I love the ocean, I love the sun, I love Yoga-urt, I love my darling Sam, I love sushi, I love snail mail, I love being with my family, I love singing, I love collecting rocks, I love organizing, I love getting my back tickled, I love listening, I love gold jewelry, I love things that are engraved, I love journaling, I love getting dressed up, I love wearing linen, I love drinking water, I love babies and their little feet, I love typing,